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CalledOut Music - More [Audio]

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Frank Carew
Frank Carew
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Spotify : https://spoti.fi/2AFtdsv

Lyrics in Description

I wanna be close, close to Your heart
I wanna be near where You are, More in love with (You x5)
I wanna be used, used for Your glory
Lord please help me to be more in love with (You x5)

You love me, You love me, but I never give you enough nah
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, how many times have I said that before?
All that You want is my heart
I’ve got so many problems and distractions around me but

Pre Chorus
I pray that You come through
Lord I need You to save me from myself (yeah)
I’m tired of running in circles
Lord I need You, to get me through


With you (x5)
You (x5)

Verse 2
Temptation, it’s all around, it gets kinda crazy in the summertime
Its why I run to You Cuz You got me, You got me yeah, yeah You got me
I pray I pray, I be on my knees all day all day
I need the strength to carry on its why

Pre Chorus

Chorus (x2)


I just wanna be more in love with You Jesus (x2)
Produced by - CalledOut Music & Motive Music

Mixed & Mastered by Jaylow (Whiteblock Group)

ArtWork - @jabranddesign

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