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4 Views· 22 November 2022· Entertainment

BUGATTI W16 MISTRAL: The Ultimate Roadster


⁣Powerful. Elegant. A force of nature like no other.

The Mistral is a one-of-a-kind wind that heralds the new seasons in southern France, stirring awe in all who experience it. A sublime inspiration, for the ultimate roadster. The W16 MISTRAL embodies this and the spirit of BUGATTI, offering freedom, elegance and speed with the incredible power of the iconic W16 engine.

We have redefined the roofless driving experience with the BUGATTI W16 MISTRAL. The last road-going model to be produced with the supreme power of the 1,600 PS W16 Quad-Turbo, the W16 MISTRAL delivers dizzying high speeds in a body built for winding across scenic vistas. With only 99 units produced and never to be replicated, one thing is clear: you are witnessing automotive history being made.

Discover more: https://w16mistral.bugatti.com/


WLTP: bugatti.link/consumption

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