10 Most Dangerous Countries | Americans & Westerners

Dajana Genovaitė
Dajana Genovaitė
21 May 2021

⁣You know some countries are more dangerous than Detroit or a Lingerie party at my cousin's ex-wife's house. Yes, it's hard to believe, I know. In general, the world can be a dangerous place. You could be in danger no matter where your plane lands. The thing is, some countries excel in danger. And some even bump that up a notch depending on where you hail from. If you think everyone in the world loves America and its people, you’ve lived a sheltered life and I want to congratulate you on escaping from where ever you were and are now able to get on the internet to watch this video.

The fact is, some countries are dangerous for everyone, especially Americans, so much so the Dept. of State updates a report every couple weeks called Travel Advisory. This is a report that ranks the danger level a country might have for Americans that travel there.

It has colors like a mood right of danger and goes from level 1 Blue that Exercise normal precautions, up to 4) Red Do not travel.
In today’s video, we're looking at the top 10 Level 4s and find out why.

10: Syria

9: Burkina Faso

8: South Sudan

7: Yemen

6: Venezuela

5: Mali

4: Iraq

3: China

2: Iran

1: Hati

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